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Alert Level 2 Event Guidelines

New Zealand outside of Auckland is currently at Alert Level 2 and these guidelines are in effect.

At Alert Level 2, any club running events has a strong responsibility to keep both themselves, the venue staff, and the attendees safe.

Does this event meet the Alert Level 2 restrictions?

The first question you should ask yourselves as clubs is whether your event can meet the restrictions.

The New Zealand COVID-19 Alert Levels Published 05 June 2020 states:

Gatherings are only allowed for up to 100 people indoors or outdoors, and they must comply with the following requirements:

  • Physical distancing and infection prevention and control requirements must be met.
  • All gatherings must record attendees to ensure contact tracing may be conducted if necessary.
  • Hospitality guidelines regarding alcohol consumption need to be strictly adhered to.
  • No participants allowed who have COVID-19 symptoms or who need to be in isolation/quarantine for any reason.

However, there are now increased exceptions for professionally run events.

Professionally Run Events

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has released guidelines for major events:

Defined Spaces

“Defined spaces” are important for the event sector, as the provision is intended to allow multiple groups of 100 to be present at an event, where they are clearly separated. The person in control of the defined spaces must have systems in place to ensure that the separate gatherings do not intermingle. To expand:

  • Where practical, workers should provide services to only one group of 100, and cannot move between multiple groups of 100. This is best practice and not a legal requirement.
  • For indoor spaces there must be walls between the spaces. These can be temporary or permanent structures.
  • For outdoor spaces there must be 2 metres of space separating each gathering of up to 100 people. You could use ropes, line markings or partitions to define these.
  • Each group of up to 100 should remain 2 meters apart from other groups when using shared exits to the greatest extent practicable. This could be achieved through staggered start and end times for each group at events.
  • Facilities such as toilets can be used by multiple groups of 100, if they are used at different times so multiple groups of 100 aren’t using the same facilities at once. We also recommend that additional cleaning take place between usage by different groups. Another option is to allocate dedicated toilets to each group to prevent intermingling of groups.

If the club feels the event can meet the above requirements, then the UCSA is happy to support the event, provided it follows these guidelines.

Venue Controls

If you are booking an event into Haere-roa, the UCSA will ensure these controls are followed. If you are using a different venue, you should ensure these are followed:

  • Hand sanitiser stations are positioned around the venue at strategic points:
    • Main entrances and exits
    • Toilets
  • There is clear signage around the building reminding attendees of their responsibilities.
  • The venue is regularly cleaned.


Before the event you need to ensure you have completed the following:

  • Work with the venue to ensure you have an appropriate number of attendees for the size of the space – see Event Space further down for more details.
  • Ensure you have a system for attendees to register in advance that captures for each attendee, their:
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
  • For events in Haere-roa, attendees MUST register for a ticket (paid or free) for an event setup through the UCSA Clubs Eventbrite account.
  • This information must be kept for at least 2 months.
  • Sent out the following communications to attendees at least 48 hours prior to the event, and again on the day of the event:
    • If you are sick, stay home.
    • If you are a vulnerable person, stay home.
    • Ensure your name and contact details on your ticket are correct.
    • What we (the club & venue) are doing to keep you safe at our event.

Event Entrances and Exits

Clubs need to ensure certain precautions are met whilst attendees enter and leave their events.

Any entrance to an event needs to ensure:

  • Attendees should queue spaced out 1 metre apart, with this distance marked on the ground.
  • Attendees should have their ticket checked in by a contact-less means.
  • Attendees should have their ID checked against their ticket to confirm the person presenting the ticket is the person registered. Should an ID not match a ticket, the attendee should be required to record their contact details separately BEFORE entering the event, along with the ticket details presented.

When attendees are exiting an event, the club needs to ensure:

  • Attendees are directed to leave in small groups at a time, starting with those closest to the exit.
  • Any exiting attendees are able to do so in a way that minimised crowding.
  • Any attendees leaving the event before the conclusion of the event should be checked out by the ticketing staff.

Under Alert Level 2 these the UCSA will provide staff to manage this for Haere-roa events.

Event Space

Clubs need to work with venues to ensure the following:

  • The event space needs to physically separate from other event spaces. This means:
    • No shared bar or food facilities.
    • No shared toilet facilities.
    • No shared entrance or exit facilities (excluding fire exits).
  • All events should be able to accommodate 1 metre physical distancing.
If the event involves table seating:
  • When people are seated at the table, there must be a gap of at least 1 metre between the back of their chair, and the table next to them.
If the event involves theatre style seating:
  • There must be at least a 1 metre gap between rows, and a distance equivalent to two empty seats between groups of attendees.
When including a bar or food service:
  • All food or drink service needs to adhering to the MBIE and Hospitality NZ guidelines.

Venues other than Haere-roa

What other venues can clubs use?

University Spaces

We are continuing to work with the university to determine what spaces they can make available for clubs. We will update this section when we have more information.

Flats or Homes

Whilst you may invite other people into your flat or home, you still are not permitted to be holding parties at home under Level 2.

You may be able to run a small event of up to 100 (although you will probably be only able to accommodate much less) people at your flat or home, if you are otherwise able to comply with these guidelines. E.g.:

  • a tutorial or study group
  • a quiz night
  • a board games evening
  • a TV or film screening

At all stages, please be considerate of your neighbours.

Please also remember that all the provisions of Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 still apply, including the Place of Resort conditions. We expect Police to be very unlikely to be letting any breaches slide whilst we are under COVID-19 alert level restrictions, which could make the club liable for serious fines of up to $20,000 if these are not adhered to.

Other venues around town

You are most welcome to reach out and attempt to run events at other venues around town. Please remember to check that they are adhering to all MBIE and Hospitality NZ guidelines.

UCSA is currently working with venues in the Ilam area to discuss what options may be available for clubs.

If you can meet all the guidelines, run your event!

If you event can meet the New Zealand COVID-19 Alert Levels restrictions, the current MBIE and Hospitality NZ guidelines, and these guidelines, then your event should be able to proceed.

Whatever you do, just remember to keep yourselves, your attendees, and your event safe.

Updated on September 10, 2020

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