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Being paid out for a grant application

So you’ve been awarded a grant application – fantastic! Here is how you go about getting it paid out to make things straightforward and easy for you and us.

General Tips

  • We only pay you once you have spent the money – this means you do need to have enough funds in your account to cover the outgoing payment. If this is going to be a problem, you need to contact us ASAP and we can discuss options.
  • We need to be able to show every step of the process from the money leaving our bank account and being spent in the way specified in the grant application. This means if your club exec buys it on their personal card and you reimburse them, they will need to supply their personal bank statement as well as you supplying the club bank account.
  • For this reason please do not buy grant items on your personal cards and reimburse. It makes the auditing process very difficult. Ideally, everything should be purchased using an invoice and internet banking.
  • Screenshots of a mobile banking app are not acceptable proof of the bank statement.

Acceptable Evidence

Invoices or Receipts

For the invoice or receipt to be acceptable proof, it must be either be a Tax invoice that you paid on via bank transfer, or a GST Receipt if the transaction was put through on a card. These should each have a unique invoice number or transaction ID. If these are charging GST these must include the supplier’s GST number. We need a receipt for each and everything thing the grant funds were spent on, even if the products are identical.

The following are not acceptable:

  • Screenshots of an online store, order summary, or any other part of the order process prior to the order being placed.
  • Any document prepared by the club as evidence – e.g. a word document summarising what was spent.
  • Multiple copies of the same receipt because the items were identical.

If you are unsure, contact clubs@ucsa.org.nz before processing payment, and we can assist.

Bank Statements

We can only pay grant funds into an organisational bank account held in the name of the club. This means we cannot pay into any form of personal or joint account, even if this is solely used for club purposes. If you are unsure about your banking setup, please contact clubs@ucsa.org.nz.

The most accurate and preferred evidence of the bank statement is an actual bank statement supplied by the bank. If this is not available due to the transaction being more recent than your most recent statement, then you must export your transactions from the desktop internet banking website.

This can be done by logging into your online banking, opening up the bank account, and exporting your transactions, selecting PDF as the export format.

Bank Specific Instructions

The following are not acceptable:

  • Any form of mobile banking screenshot.
  • A CSV export.
  • Handwritten documents.

Reimbursement process

  1. The club spends the awarded funds, exactly as specified in the grant application. If for any reason you do not spend the funds on the quote that you supplied as part of the application process, you must contact clubs@ucsa.org.nz before you spend the funds.
  2. Once the funds have been spent, log in to the Clubs Portal, select Grants from the left hand side menu, and click Claim Payment at the top of the screen. If you have more than one grant application pending payment, please check you have selected the correct grant.
  3. Download and fill in the claim form. Once completed, upload this back into the file box labelled claim form.
  4. Upload your invoice or receipt, ensuring it meets the acceptable evidence criteria above. If you have purchased multiple items, we need a receipt or invoice per item, or one that shows the multiple items. If they are on separate receipts or invoices, we need each one uploaded, even if they are the same product, showing each unique invoice number or transaction ID. You may need to join the PDFs (google PDF joiner if you do not have software on your laptop).
  5. Upload the bank statements, ensuring they meet the acceptable evidence criteria above. If you are require to upload multiple, you may need to join the PDFs (google PDF joiner if you do not have software on your laptop). Remember we need to see every transaction, so if the item was purchased by a club member and reimbursed, we need to have both your club statement showing the reimbursement, and their statement showing both the transaction and the reimbursement, ensuring they meet the acceptable evidence criteria above.
  6. Submit your claim! This will be reviewed by the team and paid within two weeks on a Thursday.
Updated on July 30, 2020

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