Clubs Portal

The clubs portal is where you will be able to have access to resources relating to clubs or gain access to your club where you will upload all required documentation and request affiliation.

This is where the clubs team will see and check any information they need.

Please note: Any changes you make to your club on the portal (such as membership list updates), we don’t know about unless you email and let us know.

Creating an Account

Anyone can make an account. Whether you are just wanting access to the resources or you are an exec member of a club, and you want access to it. Here’s how to get access.

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account
    1. If you just want access to the resources you are good to go
    1. If you want access to a club follow the next steps
  3. Once you have made an account, email with your name, the email you used, and which club you would like access to.
    1. Note: Only two members can have access to a club at one time. If you need to change who has access just email and let them know who to remove and replace them with.
  4. We will then grant you access to that club and email you back letting you know we have done so.

Requesting Affiliation

Whether you are a new club, or one requiring re-affiliation for the next year, this is done through the clubs portal. All documentation needs to be uploaded onto the portal and then you can click the request affiliation button. Once you click this button we are notified and will check everything is correct and let you know if you have been affiliated/re-affiliated or if we need further information. If you don click the request affiliation button we don’t know you have done anything.

Required Documents – Re-affiliation

  1. Updated membership list
  2. Latest AGM minutes
  3. Previous years financial report
  4. Signed Code of Conduct by the incoming exec
  5. If you have made change to the Constitution, the new version signed by the exec

Required Documents – New Club

  1. IGM minutes
  2. Membership list with minimum 20 members (50% must be students, student IDs must be collected)
  3. Signed Code of Conduct
  4. Signed Constitution

It is also helpful that you fill out the following information when you first gain access. You won’t necessarily have it all but the ones you do would be great.

  1. About the club
  2. Club email – we suggest making a free Gmail. This is preferred over having a members email.
  3. Club website
  4. Club Facebook
  5. Club bank account – also upload a current bank statement so we can verify the account


Club and Individual grants are all done through the clubs portal. If you are an individual you will need to make and account on the portal so you can access this function. If you are a club you will need to be one of the two members with access to the club.

How to Apply

  1. Log in to the clubs portal
  2. Go to the grants section on the left hand side
  3. Click apply for a new grant

Once you have done this we receive a notification and check the application. We will contact you if we need any further information, otherwise you will hear from us once we have the outcome of your grant.


Under the resources section you will find some of the following information. All these have a document on how to do this or the form to fill out, they will also have a section online here that they are linked to for easy reading/filling out.

Starting a New Club

Click here to see the process. This has all the steps you need to follow and explains the process.

Setting up Clubs Printing

Each club gets their first $100 of printing free each month, any additional printing is an extra cost. Fiona at the UCSA Reception can help with this.

How to Book a Venue

If you want to book a venue in Harer-roa please fill out the Haere-roa booking form found under the resources section. When you fill out this form it will automatically send it to us.

If you want to book a venue within UC please fill out the ENF and Risk Assessment form under the resources section.  Once you have filled this out please send it to

Setting up Ticketing/Promotion

For ticketing see here.

For promotion see here

Hosting an AGM

For information on how to host an AGM click here

Updated on May 21, 2020

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