So now that you’re all sorted, it’s time to start hosting events! Remember it is all about planning In advance. Familiarise yourself with the information listed here.


All events* held on campus require your club to submit an event notification form (ENF) and a Hazard Risk Assessment (these forms can be found under Event Forms above). Events which require an Event Notification Form include, but are not limited to: fundraising BBQs, ticket booths, music events, promotional exercises (flash mobs etc), and any event which is not limited to the four walls of the room you’re booked in.


Security must be aware, as the university must sign off on all on campus activities. Planning is essential with all events, including checking out your potential site. Where is your event going to be? Is there power? Can you get vehicle access? Is there any extra equipment that you might need?

Make a time to come in and see the Clubs Co-ordinator who can run you through the process, connect you to the UCSA events team and help you get started.

The UC have a number of policies that will directly influence whether your event is viable. These are found on the University Website, and it would be strongly advisable to make sure you are familiar with them!

*Events on campus exclude events in UCSA Venues.

Lecture theatres, C-block lawn, the Undercroft and all other spaces on campus

  1. What space do you want to use? If you already know exactly where you want to go, move on to step 2. If you are unsure, get in touch, and we can run you through some options!
  2. Check availability – you can do any of the following: choose your date and move on to step 3, or send an email to and we can check availability for you!
  3. Complete the following two forms (attached to the email):

ENF (Event Notification Form)

Fill this form in with as much information as possible. BE HONEST, let us know exactly what you plan on doing, how many people, and the correct timeframe.

Hazard Risk Assessment

Fill this in to the best of your knowledge. Think about the event you are hosting – what specific risks are there? Burning yourself on a BBQ, tripping on cords? And don’t forget the regular risks of fire and earthquake. If you need help completing this, feel free to get in touch with the Clubs Co-ordinator.

  • Do you need any equipment? PA, tables, lighting? Fill out the equipment form.
  • Send all of the completed forms to, and we’ll have a look over them!
  • Await confirmation and any further steps.

Other things to consider:

  • Have you put it on the UCSA clubs calendar?
  • Have you got free food or drink giveaways on campus? Please send a separate short email detailing time, date, and quantity of giveaways to this is passed along to our food and beverage team.
  • Feel free to email and request a meeting at any stage throughout the process. We are here and happy to help in any way.

Haere Roa

To book into any UCSA Venue is a straightforward process, provided the date is available.

Make sure you fill out the UCSA – Haere Roa Booking Form (available under Event Forms above) as soon as you possibly can. Please remember Haere Roa books up super-fast.

  • Fill out the form as best as you can, and ensure you also fill out the UCSA Equipment – Booking Request Form if you need any equipment. This includes microphones, basic PA, projector, tables and chairs etc.
  • Send all of the completed forms to
  • Once we’ve reviewed the paperwork, we’ll be in touch about next steps!

Green Events

Remember the ad about keeping NZ beautiful, or at least the retro T-shirt? Take into consideration where your products are coming from and what’s happening with your rubbish. Have a read through our checklist and get in contact with UC Sustainability for more info.

After Your Event


  • Have you handed all receipts and info over to the treasurer?
  • Did you receive any grant monies? Have you completed the grant receipt form?
  • Have you broken even or maybe even made a profit? Make sure any cash profits are banked and keep a record for transparency.

Report back:

  • Have a debrief with the executive.
  • What worked, what didn’t, what could you have improved on?
  • Do you need to prepare a report for the UCSA, any sponsors, UC, or anyone else you worked with?
  • Prep thank-you

Thank Yous:

  • Make sure you take the time to thank the people who actually helped you. Personally tailor these thank yous to the company or organisation or even the individual humans who helped you out!
  • Send where appropriate a photo of the event with the note or card.
  • Thank university staff where appropriate, especially don’t forget about grounds and security.

Send the UCSA photos of your event. We want to celebrate with you!

Updated on April 13, 2021

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