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Entrant Club(s):Golden Key
Entry completed by:Julia Beker
Club Role:Intellectual Engagement Officer
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Category SelectionReminder that events and initiatives must have occurred in the eligible period: 7 September 2020 to 12 September 2021
Which category is this nomination for?Best Academic Programme 2021
Name of event or initiative:Intermediate School Mentorship Programme
Brief overview of the event or initiative:

A six-week program pairing over 120 gifted intermediate school students from six Christchurch schools with student volunteers from the university. The groups worked towards a project to showcase at the formal presentation nights hosted by Golden Key in Haere-Roa.

What were the aims of the event or initiative?

The main objective of the mentoring programme was for students to explore a passion of theirs with a university student studying in the same area. We personally selected each university student involved and their partnered mentees to ensure that each student could gain as many practical and academic skills as possible. Through this, the students formed meaningful relationships among their groups and with their mentors; UC students also gained critical leadership experience. The presentation nights were fantastic community events, bringing together students, staff, and whānau from around Christchurch and across education levels.

How did you make it happen?

From January to June, Golden Key exec members Amy and Julia undertook complete planning, budgeting, advertisement, vetting, training and administration of the program. This involved closely working with and visiting the six schools, receiving guidance when needed. They also liaised extensively with both students at UC and faculty members. The girls received help from the UCSA events team to coordinate the two presentation nights attended by at least 600 members of the community collectively.

How did you make it better?

Although the Golden Key Mentoring Programme has been run in past years, this year it was started from scratch with a new vision as to how far its reach could expand to the community and its benefits to the Canterbury youth. The gifted students were from all walks of life, as schools of all deciles were included in the program, with a special emphasis on catering to those students with few academic opportunities. We also provided each student volunteer with a tailor-made template, structuring the program to target skills for the younger students to take into further education (e.g., research)

How did you show your commitment to sustainability?

Sustainability was considered in the progression of the programme by facilitating forms, vetting, and all other activities online where possible. Across the course of the programme, we remained conscious of unnecessary waste, utilising only essential resources. This included the groups borrowing resources from their schools and the university where necessary. Additionally, some groups engaged in projects focused on environmental sustainability which informed both the students and the community of its implications.

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