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Entrant Club(s):CRIMSOC
Entry completed by:Georgia Ford
Club Role:Education Officer
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Category SelectionReminder that events and initiatives must have occurred in the eligible period: 7 September 2020 to 12 September 2021
Which category is this nomination for?Best Academic Programme 2021
Name of event or initiative:CRIMSOC CSI Day
Brief overview of the event or initiative:

CRIMSOC invited the Police Forensics Team consisting of Fingerprinting Analysts, a Forensic Photographer, and Detective Sergeant to conduct a presentation on how crime scene examinations are undertaken. Each expert explained what their job entails on an everyday basis to give students an idea of what happens pre and post investigation.

What were the aims of the event or initiative?

CSI day aims to inspire and educate students. The forensics team consists of a broad range of professionals of which many students may be unaware of. By inviting them to CSI day, students' horizons are expanded and Criminal Justice Students are able to see how the knowledge obtained from their degree can be directly applicable to the workforce. The event is also educational because many students from outside the BCJ have shown interest in this event and by attending, they are able to learn how much of what is shown on TV is actually correct.

How did you make it happen?

CSI day has been run in recent years. Through utilising previously established connections, CRIMSOC was able to reconnect with the Christchurch Police Forensics Team who were very keen to run the event for yet another year. Direct communications with the head of the Forensics Team who organised a team of presenters from their end meant that CRIMSOC just had to ensure a venue was booked and extensive marketing undertaken. Using instagram, Facebook and email, CRIMSOC was able to make this event a complete sell out with the venue reaching capacity.

How did you make it better?

Comprehensive promotion of CSI day ensured the event had maximum attendance. This included the Director of Criminal Justice, Dr Jarrod Gilbert promoting the event on Learn as well as giving opening remarks at CSI day. The executive promoted the event during lectures as well. Direct student engagement was bolstered at the 4th CSI Day by getting a student to dress up in the appropriate personal protective gear that the forensics team would wear. A vast range of props was used to simulate a real crime scene to get students excited and keep them engaged throughout the presentation.

How did you show your commitment to sustainability?

This event has been incredibly sustainable as is evident through 2021 being the fourth year it has run. By forming professional relationships through getting experienced executive members to introduce newer members who will stay involved in the club for years to come ensured that these connections are maintained. Chocolates, cards and pizza was also given to show our appreciation for the forensics team's continual engagement in inspiring, motivating and educating students about criminal investigations.

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