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Entrant Club(s):University of Canterbury Musical Theatre Society (MUSOC)
Entry completed by:Blythe Ward
Club Role:President
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Category SelectionReminder that events and initiatives must have occurred in the eligible period: 7 September 2020 to 12 September 2021
Which category is this nomination for?Best Event Marketing 2021
Name of Event:The COSMIC Season of Reefer Madness
What marketing did you use?

Advertised on UCTVs.
Received sponsorship from COSMIC. Show posters were displayed in their Christchurch stores. Other posters were displayed around the university and city.
COSMIC provided promotional 15% discount flyers which they distributed and were inserted into our programmes.
Received sponsorship from RDU. We created radio ads which they aired as well as cast member interviews. They gave away tickets as competition prizes.
Anti-cannabis ‘propaganda’ flyers promoting the show were distributed around the university and city.
Rehearsal progress promo video and show trailer, which was filmed and edited by one of our club members.
Advertised on Facebook & Instagram.

How was it original and / or effective?

Our sponsorship with COSMIC was effective as we could target their customers who held shared interests in our show themes. Our sponsorship with RDU was great as we could talk to our target audience and reach students across campus. Both activations generated a lot of audience engagement.

Our designer played on the 1930’s Reefer Madness propaganda theme and created old-school anti-cannabis propaganda flyers. These flyers caught people's attention and created shock value.

Our show trailer was an effective digital marketing tool as it was a creative way to create excitement about the show across our social media channels.

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