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Entrant Club(s):Student Volunteer Army
Entry completed by:Breanna Greaney
Club Role:Events Manager
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Category SelectionReminder that events and initiatives must have occurred in the eligible period: 7 September 2020 to 12 September 2021
Which category is this nomination for?Best Major Event 2021
Name of event or initiative:Big Give
Brief overview of the event or initiative:

The Big Give brought 350 student volunteers back to the Red Zone for the Student Volunteer Army and the September Earthquake 10-year anniversary. This event comprised of three hours of volunteering at eight different projects. These projects involved mulching, weeding, planting, debris removal, and wire cutting around the Christchurch Red

What were the aims of the event or initiative?

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Student Volunteer Army we wanted to bring 350 students to supercharge the community group’s projects. These projects were incredibly meaningful as the work that these community groups do is to transform the Red Zone from a place of destruction to a place of beauty and community. This event reflects the broader philosophy of the Student Volunteer Army by bringing students’ attention to how working together towards a common goal can have a significant positive impact on the community. By holding this event free-of-charge we wanted to make volunteering accessible to UC students.

How did you make it happen?

This event was planned and led by the UC SVA’s events team (Maggie, Soul, Roisin, and Breanna) with support from the logistics team. The most important partnerships were our networks within the Christchurch community to find meaningful projects. Our relationships with the University of Canterbury and CityCare were essential to fund transportation and food for students. Other partnerships included UCSA for music equipment, TuneSoc for entertainment, Ethique for awesome prizes, SweetSoc, Cookie Time, Coupland’s for snacks, Heller’s for snags, Lions Club for setting up the Hub Space, Bunnings for funky hats, and exec members to support and run the day.

How did you make it better?

This year we kept all of the volunteers in the same place made the management of volunteers and exec easier. Going back to the Red Zone this year helped us to continue the work of previous Big Gives.

How did you show your commitment to sustainability?

Public transport was used which reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The fruit and snacks provided were bought in bulk to reduce the amount of plastic used.

From cleaning up debris and rubbish to tree planting and mulching, all of our projects contributed to sustainability. Connections and experiences with the environment will motivate students to make more sustainable choices to protect the beautiful environment that we have. Students are given a reason to care for their environment and community and make it personal for them to give a damn! Therefore, instilling values of care and kindness in the UC community.

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