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Entrant Club(s):LAWSOC - The University of Canterbury Law Students' Society
Entry completed by:Ana Pye
Club Role:President
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Category SelectionReminder that events and initiatives must have occurred in the eligible period: 7 September 2020 to 12 September 2021
Which category is this nomination for?Best Major Event 2021
Name of event or initiative:LAWSOC Law Ball
Brief overview of the event or initiative:

Law Ball is a staple event for law students everywhere.

This year was LAWSOC's biggest and best yet. With canapés, a sit down dinner, more than ample drinks and an amazing live band out at Larcomb Vineyard it is safe to say all who came had a fantastic night.

What were the aims of the event or initiative?

This year, LAWSOC aimed to get over 230 people in attendence and the spread across year groups was evident. It is important for us that - as a club - we facilitate opportunities for all law students to connect and form a cohort of friends.

LAWSOC wanted to give people a night which they could celebrate themselves and their hard work this year. Hence why we had good food, drinks, desserts and not one but two photographers and a live band so people could dance the night away.

Red frogs attended and safe transport to and from was provided.

How did you make it happen?

It was through the efforts of many. A lot of planning and a very thought out marketing and ticket sales plan. In regards to suppliers, LAWSOC maintains a great relationship with TES Tech supplies and Chris Sexton photography. This relationship allowed us to negotiate a relationship in both parties best interests. The team at Larcomb estate were a dream to work with and we involved them heavily in our processes and made sure to support their staff on the night where we could. Finally, Lane Neave, the law firm which sponsors the event.

Most importantly, our members who attended!

How did you make it better?

It was important to us we gave attendees the best night for their ticket purchase. Having multiple bar set ups, canapés served and then a table service dinner allowed for a formal feel. Then dessert was gradually rolled out and the drinks continued as a brilliant band played the night away.

No other law ball in the country is sponsored. LAWSOC saw it as paramount to ensure the event was safe for all those in attendance and to maintain a positive relationship with the sponsor. Red frogs, early busses and stringent security measures worked to ensure student safety.

How did you show your commitment to sustainability?

Only recyclable bottles were used and drinks were served in glasses which were refilled.

Ultimately, we aimed to not over-order so as to reduce waste and all ticketing was electronic.

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