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Entrant Club(s):DramaSoc
Entry completed by:Grace Kaye-Blake
Club Role:Say What? Director
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Phone:021 022 54151
Category SelectionReminder that events and initiatives must have occurred in the eligible period: 7 September 2020 to 12 September 2021
Which category is this nomination for?Best New Initiative or Event 2021
Name of event or initiative:Say What? Camp
Brief overview of the event or initiative:

Say What?, DramaSoc's weekly improv group, held a camp in May. The camp ran from Friday evening to Sunday Morning, and attracted both current and new members of the club.

What were the aims of the event or initiative?

The aim of the camp was to give our members a chance to improve their improvisation skills, foster more community within the club, and to have a fun weekend. This year, Say What? has been looking to grow our list of improv games, so we tried out new games and created three of our own. Finally, we wanted camp to be a way for new members, especially first year students, to get into improv and to meet new people, so we made sure to promote camp at our performances at the halls of residences at the beginning of the year.

How did you make it happen?

The event was primarily run by the Say What? Council, with support from the DramaSoc committee and our awesome team of Jam Leaders. While there was no official collaboration, the camp was help at a Girl Guides centre and we used some of their informational resources about organising camps. The tickets for camp were subsidised by DramaSoc.

How did you make it better?

Many of our members were excited for our first camp, since it is an idea that was first proposed a couple of years ago. These members were a great source of ideas and inspiration, so we made sure to discuss camp with them at our weekly jams, and sometimes on our Facebook page.

We also wanted the camp to be fun and memorable. Each camper got a patch at the end of camp, we improvised outside when the weather was nice, and we abseiled, a first for some of our campers.

How did you show your commitment to sustainability?

We showed our commitment to sustainability in two ways: by organised carpooling for campers to reduce emissions from travel, and by taking our food scraps and recycling with us so that we could dispose of them correctly.

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