Supreme Club Nominations 2021

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Unique IDEntrant Club(s):Which category is this nomination for?Submission Name:Status:Workflow Detail Link
SU0243No clubIndividual Contribution Recognition AwardsJames EnsorSubmitted
SU0242UC Amateur Sports SocietyBest Photo 2021Patrons at UCASSino Submitted
SU0241Lads Without LabelsIndividual Contribution Recognition AwardsSam WatkinsSubmitted
SU0240Lads Without LabelsIndividual Contribution Recognition AwardsJules HausSubmitted
SU0239UCASSIndividual Contribution Recognition AwardsTayla MacbethSubmitted
SU0238UCASSIndividual Contribution Recognition AwardsJames EnsorSubmitted
SU0237UCASSIndividual Contribution Recognition AwardsJames EnsorSubmitted
SU0236UCASSIndividual Contribution Recognition AwardsJames EnsorSubmitted
SU0235U-CAN-SPEAK ToastmastersBest New Initiative or Event 2021Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) Workshop Submitted
SU0234MotosocBest Sports Event 2021Ruapuna Track Day Submitted
SU0233UC Women in BusinessBest Sponsorship Opportunity 2021BNZ Sponsorship Submitted
SU0232UC FootballBest Social Event Programme 2021UC Football Uni League Submitted
SU0231CubaBest Major Event 2021Cuba full moon Submitted
SU0230Lads Without LabelsIndividual Contribution Recognition AwardsSamuel WatkinsSubmitted
SU0229CubaBest Sports Event 2021Full moon Submitted
SU0228MotosocBest Sustainability Initiative 2021Electric Scooter Race Submitted
SU0227Canterbury University Tramping Club (CUTC)Best Major Event 2021TWALK Submitted
SU0226Canterbury University Tramping Club (CUTC)Best Sports Event 2021TWALK Submitted
SU0225UCASSIndividual Contribution Recognition AwardsJames EnsorSubmitted
SU0224CRIMSOCBest Academic Programme 2021CRIMSOC CSI Day Submitted
SU0223University of Canterbury Musical Theatre Society (MUSOC)Best Event Marketing 2021The COSMIC Season of Reefer Madness Submitted
SU0222CRIMSOCBest Major Event 2021CRIMSOC Graduates Night Submitted
SU0221UC BikeBest Photo 2021Craigieburn Finalist
SU0220UC Amateur Sports SocietyBest Event Marketing 2021UCASSino Submitted
SU0219Canterbury University Tramping ClubBest Photo 2021CUTC Refreshers Submitted
Unique IDEntrant Club(s):Which category is this nomination for?Submission Name:Status:Workflow Detail Link