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Simply put, it means your club is officially associated with the UCSA. It’s simple to get, just make sure you follow the steps discussed in creating a new club. The most important thing is to make sure you have all your documents in line.

If you’re having any trouble or concerns make sure you make a time to pop in and see the Clubs Co-ordinator.

Conditions Of Affiliation

The terms and conditions for affiliation are covered in detail in the UCSA affiliation policy, which can be found on the UCSA Website. In brief:

  • Any club or society formed within the student membership may become affiliated to the UCSA upon making an application to, and being approved by, the student executive.
  • A minimum membership of 50% enrolled University of Canterbury students.
  • A minimum of 20 members.
  • The core membership and focus of the Club or Society must be student oriented.
  • Applications should be made by the end of the academic year for the next coming year. Once awarded affiliation status it shall stand until the end of the academic year (one calendar year), unless the affiliation status is revoked or suspended by the Executive.
  • President must be a current University of Canterbury Student or alumni. 
  • A new club or society will not be affiliated unless it provides a service to students that is not currently provided by an existing club or society. It is at the sole discretion of the Executive as to whether a new club or society fulfils this clause.
  • Affiliation automatically expires at the end of the academic year in which the Student Executive granted affiliation, unless the club applies for re-affiliation.

These rules are laid out in the Incorporated Societies Act 1908, which outlines the rights and obligations of all students’ associations and other incorporated bodies. Once a club is affiliated to the UCSA, it must, by law, abide by these regulations.


Affiliation must happen EVERY year. It’s an annual thing because stuff changes in a year. It’s an online process during which the UCSA checks you have all the right documents and still have enough student members. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Host an AGM – ideally in August or September.
  2. Complete the UCSA Re-Affiliation Form. To complete the form, you will need:
    1. Latest copy of your AGM minutes, which clearly shows your President’s Report, Treasurer’s report, and election of your new executive which is signed by your out-going President.
    2. Your financial reports as presented by your treasurer at your AGM.
    3. A copy of the UCSA Clubs Code of Conduct which is signed by the incoming President and executive.
    4. In the event of any constitutional amendments, your new updated and signed constitution.
  • At some point after the end of the academic year, the Club’s status in the Clubs Portal will be reset to Un-Affiliated (as affiliation will have expired at the end of the academic year). If you have uploaded your documents by this point, now is the time to click request affiliation and get the Club’s Co-ordinator to check your documents. If you have not yet, get it done!
  • The UCSA will then affiliate the club in the week prior to Semester 1 of the year in which you are applying for affiliation.
  • The club has one week from the date of the Orientation Clubs Day to upload their new membership list to the Clubs Portal. Failure to do so will result in the Club’s Affiliation unfortunately being suspended.

The 2023 Re-Affiliation form can be found here.

Benefits Of Being An Affiliated Club

Rooms & Spaces

C-Block Lawn
Karl Popper Classrooms
Living room
Lecture theatres
Haere Roa spaces


For a full list see below, but includes:
3×3 pop ups
Mini PA System
Tables and Chairs

Photocopying and Printing

Each club gets their first $100 of printing free each month, any additional printing is an extra cost. Fiona at the UCSA Reception can help with this.

Promotion of Events

CANTA club pages UCSA Noticeboards (get your posters stamped at UCSA reception) UCSA bollards (on request through clubs team) UC TV (on request through clubs team)
UCSA website

Clubs Day

The UCSA hosts 3 clubs days throughout the year.  The first 2 are back to back in Orientation in summer, at the beginning of semester one. And the third is held in re-orientation at the beginning of semester two. Keep an eye on your clubs newsletters and the club exec Facebook page as these will detail the days and ask you to register.
Please remember that space is at a premium as we have so many epic clubs, so stay on top and register as soon as the email comes through. We do our best to ensure you have the space and power that you need but please be understanding if you don’t end up with quite what you asked for.

Clubs days are essential for both new and existing clubs alike. They create an opportunity to read the student market and see how much demand there is for what you do. They are a great marketing tool and should be used to showcase what your club is all about, and hey you might even give out some free stuff!

Clubs Day is only for affiliated clubs, so please ensure you’ve got it all sorted!

Updated on April 24, 2023

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