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Running events on campus

Now that your club is up and running, it’s time to start hosting events! Remember it is all about planning in advance. Familiarise yourself with the information listed here. 

Events on Campus  

Popular areas for events include Haere-roa, lecture theatres, C-block lawn and the Undercroft. If you’re unsure where to go, get in touch, and we can run you through some options. 

The next step is to check availability – either choose your date and submit the paperwork listed below. Or alternatively, send an email to clubs@ucsa.org.nz and we can check availability for you. 

Other things to consider: 

  • Have you put your event on the UCSA clubs calendar (ucsa.org.nz)? 
  • Have you got free food or drink giveaways on campus? Please send a separate short email detailing time, date, and quantity of giveaways to clubs@ucsa.org.nz this is passed along to our food and beverage team. 


All events* held on campus require your club to submit an event notification form (ENF) and a Hazard Risk Assessment (these forms can be found under Event Forms above). Events that require an Event Notification Form include, but are not limited to: fundraising BBQs, ticket booths, music events, promotional exercises (flash mobs etc), and any event which is not limited to the four walls of the room you’re booked in. 

ENF (Event Notification Form) 

Fill this form in with as much information as possible. BE HONEST, let us know exactly what you plan on doing, how many people, and the correct timeframe. 

Hazard Risk Assessment 

Fill this in to the best of your knowledge. Think about the event you are hosting – what specific risks are there? Burning yourself on a BBQ, tripping on cords? And don’t forget the regular risks of fire and earthquake. If you need help completing this, feel free to get in touch with the Clubs Co-ordinator. 

  • Do you need any equipment? PA, tables, lighting? Fill out the equipment form. 
  • Send all of the completed forms to clubs@ucsa.org.nz, and we’ll have a look over them! 
  • Await confirmation and any further steps. 


Security must be aware, as the university must sign off on all on campus activities. Planning is essential with all events, including checking out your potential site. Where is your event going to be? Is there power? Can you get vehicle access? Is there any extra equipment that you might need? 

Make a time to come in and see the Clubs Co-ordinator who can run you through the process, connect you to the UCSA Events Team and help you get started. 

UC have a number of policies that will directly influence whether your event is viable. These are found on the University website, and it’s strongly recommended that you are familiar with them! 

*Events on campus exclude events in UCSA Venues. 

Updated on April 28, 2023

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