UCTV Digital Signage

There are fifteen digital signage screens on campus that are managed by the UCSA. These guidelines are in place to give all parties a fair go at receiving promotion of their event or service.

UCTV screens are branded UCSA.

These guidelines apply to those screens only:

  • All UCTV slides and videos will be vetted by the UCSA media team before they are uploaded to the UCTV system
  • Offensive slides and videos will not be permitted – this is at the discretion of the UCSA
  • Promotion of alcohol is not permitted
  • Slides and videos are only run for one week – longer periods must be negotiated with the UCSA media team
  • Slides must be received by the Friday morning preceding the week of display 
  • ALL external advertisers – including club sponsors – need to be vetted and approved by the UCSA Clubs Team.

UCTV Naming conventions:

  • All slides and videos must be named with the name of the club, then the event, then the event date.
  • eg. A cocktail party held by CoffeeSoc on the 11th of March would be labelled: CoffeeSoc – CocktailParty – 11 March

UCTV slide specs:

  • Slides must be 1920×1080 pixels (standard HD TV size)
  • Slides must be 72dpi (standard TV and monitor resolution)
  • File format must be .jpg.

For any further information or clarification, please contact the UCSA team on clubs@ucsa.org.nz.

Updated on May 14, 2020

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