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Annual General Meeting (AGM) Policy

Each year the election of Club Executive takes place at the Annual General Meeting. To be sure that this process is fair and democratic, please notify your members well in advance. At least seven days written notice must be given and quorum must be achieved for the AGM to be valid. Candidates may be considered elected if they are unopposed for a position.


Sufficient notice must be given to all members, in accordance with the Club’s Constitution.

All attendees must sign an attendance list, supplying name, student ID number and must be signed by the member.

Proxies (representative of a member), if applicable, must be in writing and do not count towards quorum.

Minutes must be taken from this meeting and must include details of each process.

Reports from the President, Secretary, and Treasurer are to be made at the AGM.

Nominations for elected positions must be called according to the Club/Society’s Constitution and each nominee must have a separate nominator and seconder.

The voting method can be either secret ballot or show of hands, to be determined by the members at the meeting, unless specified in the constitution. The voting method and how the results were returned must be evidenced in the minutes.

Any alterations to the Club/Society’s Constitution must be made at a quorate AGM with the details of the proposed changes put in writing and included with the notification of the AGM to all members.

Setting up for the AGM

All members of the Club/Society must be notified of the AGM meeting giving the notice specified in the constitution. Notice must be given via email at least, unless otherwise specified in your constitution.

Prepare an agenda to notify members of proposed business. Mention that members may raise items at the AGM.

At the Meeting

Ensure all those present fill in the Attendance List. Student ID numbers must be included.

Quorum must be reached in order for the AGM to take place. Quorum requirements are indicated in each Club/Society’s Constitution.

Ensure that minutes of the meeting are taken, and that they represent a true record of what occurred at the meeting. An example of appropriate minutes can be found in the Clubs Portal under Resources.

Written reports should be given by the President and Treasurer.

General business can be discussed here. Members present may raise items for the meeting to vote upon, subject to the Club’s Constitution. Election related items are to be raised during the election process.

The election of a new Executive of the Club is conducted at the AGM. A Returning Officer should first be elected at the meeting to conduct the election. The Returning Officer is not able to run for Executive positions, nor are they permitted to nominate or second candidates.

The Returning Officer will take nominations from the floor, unless an alternate nomination procedure is specified in the Club/Society’s Constitution. They will then conduct the voting procedure fairly.

After the meeting

Submit the Attendance List, minutes, Executive contact details and the most recent Membership Form of the Club/Society to your clubs and societies team.

The President, Secretary, and Treasurer should ensure that the bank account requires two signatories and there are at least three authorised signatories. 

Updated on May 21, 2020

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