The usual organisational structure of a club is that of a committee.

The committee is the group of people who takes on the responsibility of organising activities and administering the affairs. The structure is different for each club depending on their aims and objectives.

Each role is equally important to ensure good governance and smooth running of both the exec and club in general. It is up to you what roles you have, we recommend starting the ones listed below, but ensure you create the exec roles that are necessary for the success of your club.

For new clubs, we would recommend an exec of seven: President, Vice-President or Secretary (as is most appropriate for the needs of your club), Treasurer, and four General Exec Members.

For established clubs, we recommend a max of 12 executive members unless you are a huge club, as the more exec members you have the more difficult it can be to get decisions across the line.


This is a very important role. The president must be well informed and provide leadership and guidance for the club, and ensure smooth communication with the UCSA. They should also look to build and maintain all key relationships for the club.  They must ensure the executive are all fulfilling their roles and ensure that the governance of the club moves along smoothly. They should also consider the long term future and development of the club, but also short term so that the club survives until next year.


The Vice-President or VP is also an important job. They are there to support and fill in for the President where necessary. The VP can chair meetings and is commonly recognised as second in charge. The VP should also ensure that any concerns of the exec are heard and understood by the president. They help to ensure that the club runs smoothly.


The secretary fulfils a number of administrative duties. They are responsible for the documentation and communication of activities between the executive and other organisations. They assist the president in creating and maintaining key relationships. Administrative duties may include (but are not limited to): preparing agendas, sending meeting invites, and taking and distributing meeting notes.


The treasurer is responsible for taking care of all financial matters. They should have an orderly and efficient approach. Their responsibilities include (but are not limited to): keeping the accounts in order, keeping a register of all members and equipment, and drawing up a yearly budget. The treasurer should also keep a record of all purchases.

General Executive

Roles of the general executive members are often based around the size of the club. Generally, specific portfolios are assigned to ensure the club’s aims are being met and the workload is being evenly distributed throughout the exec. These roles are completely at your club’s discretion and may need to be adjusted as the club grows and becomes successful. Roles may include: events, media, Facebook, membership growth etc.

Updated on May 14, 2020

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