There are six notice boards on campus that are managed by the UCSA. These guidelines are in place to give all parties a fair go at receiving promotion of their event or service.

UCSA Notice boards are branded UCSA.

These guidelines apply to those boards only.

  • All UCSA affiliated Clubs or UCSA event posters must be vetted and stamped by the UCSA Office, before being put up
  • Posters with no stamp will be removed
  • Continued non-compliance (been warned of non-compliance at least twice) of these guidelines by a club, will be raised to the UCSA President, and sanctions may be put in place
  • No more than two A3 posters per notice board
  • Your poster/s are not to cover up UC Emergency Notices or any UCSA branded posters
  • All notice boards will be cleared EVERY MONDAY by noon
  • ALL external advertisers – including club sponsors – need to be vetted and approved by the UCSA Sales & Sponsorship Executive at the UCSA Office

For any further information or clarification, please contact the UCSA team on

Updated on May 13, 2020

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