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Running Events in Haere-roa

General FAQs

How do I see what rooms are available in Haere-roa?
So you want to book a room in Haere-roa for an event, but don’t know which dates are available?

Head along to: https://clubsinfo.ucsa.org.nz/haere-roa-bookings-ngaio/
How do I book an event in Haere-roa?
So you’ve checked our venue availabilities and now you want to book in your event?

You can do so here: https://clubsinfo.ucsa.org.nz/event-forms/my-booking-requests/booking-form/
How do I book a meeting room in Haere-roa?
To book a meeting in the UCSA Boardroom or Room of Requirement, please email reception@ucsa.org.nz
How do I set up tickets for my event?
The UCSA has an exclusive contract with Flicket to support clubs when putting tickets on sale for events.

You can set up tickets for your events here: https://clubsinfo.ucsa.org.nz/event-forms/clubs-ticketing-submit/

Once you’ve filled out the form, our events team will set the event up for you and provide you with a link.
How can the UCSA assist with advertising my event?
The UCSA has a number of avenues you can use to help promote your event.

To learn more, head to: https://clubsinfo.ucsa.org.nz/article-categories/advertising/
When do we need a technician?
For some bookings in Haere-roa, a House Technician will be required to assist with your event. Examples include Concerts or Theatre shows in The Ngaio Marsh, balls in Bentleys or when you need particular things like Zoom capabilities. As a general rule, whenever you have a band or DJ, we require a tech to manage sound.
For more info, check out the Production & Equipment FAQ’s
Can I decorate the venue?
Yes, but please run your plan past your Event Coordinator first.
We do not allow anything to be stuck to walls, concrete, lecterns (except the perspex front), signage etc, and please do not use any kind of tape, Blutack or 3M hooks in Haere-roa. These are really hard to get off!! Also please no confetti, glitter or similar (including inside balloons). Basically, anything that makes life hard for our awesome cleaners.
If the venue is left in an unreasonable state after your booking, you may be charged a special cleaning fee.
How do I collect scanners and Eftpos Machines on the night?
For events held during UCSA Office hours, the scanners and Eftpos Machines can be collected from Reception.

For events held outside of office hours, please ask for them at The Foundry when you arrive.
When do we need security?
In some instances, we require clubs to pay for Security in order to hold their event in Haere-roa. This is generally only for high risk events, such as Concerts and Balls, however sometimes we do require for security for medium risk events with large bar tabs.

Each guards costs $40+GST per hour. The Invoice for Security will be invoiced after the event.

High Risk events are events with alcohol as a core element of the event – for example Concerts, Gigs, Balls.

Medium Risk events are with alcohol present, but not as the core element to the event – for example Quiz Nights, theatre shows.

Low Risk events are events that are alcohol free.

Food & Drink FAQs

Can I bring in my own food?
Clubs are only permitted to bring limited self catering into the venue and agree with the below listed conditions:

Non-UCSA food is not permitted in the venue without prior written approval from UCSA staff.

Non-perishable food (e.g. chips, lollies, popcorn, baking) is allowed with written permission.

Clubs may utilise the Hellers BBQ, Amphitheatre and Student Social space to serve and consume food items at any time, provided they are safe to eat. These items may not be consumed in the event spaces.

Where the UCSA cannot reasonably cater for a specific events’ requirements e.g. cultural, religious, special dietary requirements, alternative options will be discussed with the club concerned to try find a solution for their event.

External caterers are not allowed on site at any time, nor is any food supplied by external caterers or restaurants to be brought onsite.

Clubs are to comply with Christchurch City Council and Ministry of Primary Industries requirements.

Any rubbish generated by bringing food on site must be removed by the club from the building, not put into the existing rubbish receptacles, or UCSA Skips
Can I bring in my own drinks?
Alcoholic Beverages:
Unfortunately, it is a condition of the liquor licence attached to Haere-roa that alcohol must be supplied by the UCSA. Under no circumstances are you allowed to bring alcohol onsite.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:
Unless otherwise agreed with the UCSA in writing, non-alcoholic beverages may only be bought in for small club meetings (less than 20pax) and show rehearsals and must be supplied by UCSA for all other needs.
What about Food Trucks?
Food trucks are only allowed at events at Haere-roa when The Foundry Bar is closed. You will also need to meet the following requirements:

The Food truck must have CCC certification, and the Club must send the UCSA a copy of this

Food cannot be consumed inside Haere-roa. It can only be served and eaten in the Amphitheatre.

The only location Food Trucks can set up is The Amphitheatre. Food trucks are only allowed to drive onto the grass to get to the Amphitheatre with UCSA permission. Any damage caused by the food truck to Haere-roa lawn will be charged to the Club.
What food and drink can I order for my event?
When do I need to confirm our catering with the UCSA by?
All Catering orders must be confirmed with the UCSA Events Team at least 5 working days prior to the event.

Catering invoices must be paid at least 24 prior to the event.
Can we have a Bar in the space? (Minimum Spends)
Yes you can! However this will incur a minimum spend to cover our staffing costs.

During Foundry hours the minimum spend is $200 for the first hour, and $150 for each subsequent hour after that (Minimum 3 hours).

Outside Foundry hours, the minimum spend is $250 per hour, minimum of 3 hours
What are the rules around bar tabs?
So you want to put on a bar tab for your event? Here are the rules:

The bar tab must be paid before the event starts. Any leftover money on the bar tab will be refunded after the event

Be a good host! You must order a sufficient quantity of food to go with your bar tab

The tab can be used to provide a complimentary drink (via a drink token), or to subsidise the price of drinks at your event (i.e. $2 off per drink)

However, you cannot advertise these price discounts on social media, the tickets, or on physical marketing outside of the venue itself. Instead, we recommend you advertise “Drink Specials”.

Production FAQs

When is a technician required?
A technician is required if your event has technical aspects that are above the standard AV in the room or requires someone to operate equipment. If you have a band or performer at an event you will require a technician.
How much does a technician cost?
UCSA Technicians are $40+gst per hour, having a technician allows the use of the more advanced equipment UCSA has.
How long do I need a technician for?
Technicians have a minimum call time of 3 hours. A technician is charged from roughly 45minutes before soundcheck until the technical aspects of your event are packed down (roughly 30mins after the band/DJ has finished)
When do I get charged for a technician?
House Technicians are your technical point of contact for your event.  They are included with your booking and will be available to answer your questions and ensure your event needs are being met. While they may not be exclusively dedicated to your event, they will be roaming and present to help with any issues that arise.
When you require exclusive use of a technician, e.g operating sound/lighting, packing in your event, then you will be charged for this time.
What equipment can I book?
The UCSA has a wide range of equipment which clubs can book and take offsite. This is booked via the Equipment Booking Form in the clubs portal on a first in first served basis.
There is also a wide range of equipment which can be used in Haere-roa including
Advanced sound, lighting and video equipment
Furniture, gazebos, power distribution etc.

UCSA has pricing agreements with external production and event hire companies and passes on all discounts to the user. If you require any equipment, ask if we can help!
I have booked a band or DJ, what do I need to ask them?
Does the performer have a tech rider (what are their requirements?), if they do, send this through to the UCSA Production staff.
The Band may not bring their own instruments (Guitar amps, drumkits etc), check with them and if not the UCSA Production team can organise the right equipment.
Can I bring my own production in externally?
The UCSA has their own in house production team which manage all events in Haere-roa.
All equipment bought into the building must have a current test and tag.
If you have booked a DJ or Band, the UCSA can nearly always provide all the equipment required, avoid the performer bringing their own equipment in where possible. The UCSA does not have any Instruments and Guitar/Bass amps, these will need to be supplied by the performer or the club. UCSA can help source some if required.
Does the UCSA Production team only do events at Haere-roa?
No! The UCSA production team can travel and support events offsite.

Updated on April 15, 2024

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