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Running a Safe Event

The University of Canterbury Students’ Association (UCSA) is committed to supporting affiliated clubs so that they can provide and maintain safe and healthy environments for their club members.

This Health & Safety Manual contains helpful information, templates and guidelines for UCSA clubs. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the information contained, and apply it (as appropriate/relevant) in your club.

Should you require further assistance on developing, implementing and maintaining your health & safety systems and processes for your Club, then please contact the UCSA Events Team.

Before the Event

Running a safe event needs to be not the result of luck, but of good planning.

Risk Assessment: How to manage hazards

What is a hazard? A hazard is anything that can cause harm.

What is a risk? A risk is potential consequence of not dealing with the hazard.

Regardless of where your event is held, you need to complete a Hazard Risk Assessment and Management Form before the event starts. A Hazard Risk Assessment and Management Form documents hazards that could cause harm to your event attendees, as well as staff.


If you are bringing anyone onsite to do work, they are most likely a contractor. You need to ensure you have a plan on how to manage contractors.

During the event

The club needs to ensure they are focused on Health & Safety at all stages of the event.

Event Inductions

Once you have created your Hazard Risk Assessment and Management Form, you need to ensure that all event attendees, event staff, contractors and volunteers are aware of the Hazards you identified, and that they abide by controls you have put in place – otherwise you have not truly minimised the risk.

Also ensure that as your “event attendees”, your customers arrive for your event they have been inducted in some way – e.g. an email before the event, house-keeping notes at the start of the event, signage at the event etc.

Please note for staff you will need to ensure they are inducted in person.

Responding to Accidents, Incidents, and Near Misses

Ensure at all stages of the event, be it during setup / pack-in, the event itself, or pack-out that you are responding to accidents and near misses.

This means not only treating the person who is involved in the near miss or incident, but also documenting incident or near miss to understand why it happened and to ensure it will not happen again.

Accident / Incident vs Near Miss – Know the difference!

After the event

Your event may have finished, but you still have a few things to do. If any accidents or near misses occurred, please send the completed forms to the UCSA Events Team. The next step is to review your Hazard Risk Assessment and Management Form, add any new risks or hazards that were identified, and make any changes to the controls as necessary.

By documenting your successes and failures, you are helping the next student who replaces you as your Clubs Events Coordinator. They will have a much easier job of organising the event next year, which will hopefully give them more time to come up with other cool and engaging activities for your club

Updated on June 11, 2020

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