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Running Events at your Flat or Home

We get it – running an event at your flat or home seems like a great way to run your event for cheap and provide a fun, unrestricted atmosphere. However it comes with a number of risks, all of which you should consider before going ahead.

Know the law

Remember that any event involving alcohol where you are charging for attendance, you require a licence for.

Since your flat or home is not a licence premise, and you cannot get special licences for private residences, if you are selling tickets, your event involves alcohol, and you’re running it at your home or flat, you risk a $20,000 fine.

See more details here.
You have an obligation to ensure that the noise you make from your flat or home does not exceed a reasonable level that disturbs or annoys people day or night.

See more details here.
Health and Safety
A reminder that health and safety does not stop applying just because you’re not on campus. The law still applies to events run on private property.

See more details here.

Other Considerations

Once you know the law, there are other things you need to consider.

These include things like:

  • Putting on some food
  • Giving your neighbours a heads up
  • Looking after those who attend

Even if your party starts out fine, things can turn quickly. For that reason UCSA strongly recommends that any parties held at flats are registered through the Good One Party Register.

Good One Party Register

As well as being able to register your party – Good One also has tips around how to throw a safe party. Check it out!

Updated on March 19, 2021

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