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Event Inductions

An event induction is essentially an event briefing that outlines what the key risks and hazards are, how you plan to manage them, and what processes your attendees, staff, contractors, volunteers need to follow if an incident occurs.

Keep your event attendees informed

You can inducted your event attendees or “customers” in a variety of ways. It can come via an email prior to the event, event signage, or short housekeeping notes from an MC.

The information you give your attendees will vary by event, however it should include:

  • Toilets locations
  • Evacuation routes and assembly area
  • Who to talk to if something happens
  • Key areas to stay away from
My event is small, do I need to induct everyone?

The level of detail you need to put into your induction depends on the size of the event. For small events such as study groups and meetings, you don’t need to go into great detail, but do still need to cover the basics i.e. fire exits, toilets, what to do in the event of an evacuation.

However, for the bigger club events that are high risk, and have a number of different things going on you need to complete an induction. (e.g. Outdoor trips, SVA Big Give, Cuba Jib, Ensoc BBQ etc.)

Staff Inductions

Where you have a number of staff working on site, you should make use of an induction form at the entry to site.

The induction form is to be signed by all staff when they arrive onsite at your event. The form outlines the following:

  • Signing in / out of venue
    • Keep track of where they are in an emergency
  • Emergency Procedures
    • What is our evacuation procedure in the event of an emergency?
    • On Campus this is the same as it would be for a lecture etc. For events offsite you will need to follow the venue’s procedures, or you may need to create your own
  • First Aid
    • Where is the first aid kit, and who is trained to give first aid?
  • Hazards that are located onsite
    • Ensure staff read the risk register before they start work
  • Hazard Reporting
    • Who do I inform if I’ve noticed another potential hazard that could cause harm?
  • Incident and Near Miss Reporting
    • Who do I inform if an incident or near miss occurs?
    • For more details on this see:
Updated on February 15, 2023

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