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Risk Assessment & Hazard Management

Regardless of where your event is held, you are responsible for managing your hazards through risk assessment.

What is a hazard? A hazard is anything that can cause harm.

What is a risk?
A risk is potential consequence of not dealing with the hazard.

Part of managing your hazards is to complete a Hazard Risk Assessment and Management Form before the event starts. A Hazard Risk Assessment and Management Form documents hazards and the risks they pose that could cause harm to your event attendees, as well as staff.

How to complete a Hazard Risk Assessment and Management Form

  1. Identify the hazard
    • A hazard is something that can injure you, make you sick or kill you (the source of the harm or loss).
  2. What is the risk that this hazard poses?
    • What could occur that leads to this hazard causing harm?
  3. Determine how likely this risk event is to happen?
    • What is the worst possible consequence of this risk (C).
    • How likely is the Risk to occur? (L)
    • C x L = Risk Rating
  4. How are you going to control this risk and reduce the risk rating?
    • Eliminate the Hazard (Remove trip hazard by keeping floor clear)
    • Substitute the Hazard (Replace old equipment with new)
    • Isolate the hazard (Use a barrier to separate people from it)
    • Engineering controls (Use a trolley to move gear rather than lifting)
    • Administrative controls (Training, Supervision, signage)
    • Use PPE (wear protective clothing / equipment)
  5. What is the new risk rating
    • C x  L = Risk Rating
    • The consequence stays the same – but we are reducing its likelihood

Please contact the UCSA Events Team if you require assistance with the hazard identification and/or risk assessment process.

Updated on January 12, 2024

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